Donnie Learns How To Make Friends

Terrence Tullgren tells the fresh and inspiring story of a shy young boy who learns an empowering secret for making new friends by watching the community behavior of deer in the woods near his new home. To make friends, Donnie sees that he must make eye contact and show the deer a happy, welcoming face. Donnie’s new observation helps him overcome his habit of avoiding eye contact and the deer responds in kind.

Donnie gains the confidence to approach a boy his age with the same warm, smiling face and a new bond of friendship begins. The book provides a simple way for any child to understand that eye contact is a basic skill of human communication. Donnie Learns How to Make Friends is the first book in the Donnie Learns series on values for young people. Click here to buy now at

Donnie Learns: An excellent teaching tool
for the Common Core Curriculum
Grade 1 > Unit 3 > Life Lessons