Donnie Learns the Value of EarningDonnie Learns The Value Of Earning

Donnie’s friend Billy gets a new computer, but his mother can’t afford one. Donnie’s mother takes him on a walk through the woods near his home. She shows him how a mother deer teach her fawn to find food. She also shares the story of how she learned to support him. Donnie learns that he can get what he needs through practice and patience, and starts to explore a new way to earn money for his own computer.

The book helps young children realize the value of earning. The story is beautifully told, in words any child can easily relate to and understand. Tullgren weaves a story both touching and impactful for young hearts and minds. Donnie Learns The Value Of Earning is the sixth book in the Donnie Learns series on values for young people. Click here to buy now at Amazon.com

Donnie Learns: An excellent teaching tool
for the Common Core Curriculum
Grade 1 > Unit 3 > Life Lessons