Donnie Learns the Value Of Time at Amazon.comDonnie Learns the Value of Time

Donnie doesn’t want to do his homework. His mother takes him outside to observe animals in the woods near his home and how they prepare for the winter. Donnie learns that time is precious, and by being prepared he can use his time wisely. The book helps young children understand the importance of planning ahead.

The story is beautifully told, in words any child can easily relate to. The result is a must-own book for any child. Tullgren weaves a story both touching and impactful for young hearts and minds. Donnie Learns The Value Of Time is the fourth book in the Donnie Learns series on values for young people. Click here to buy now at Amazon.com

Donnie Learns: An excellent teaching tool
for the Common Core Curriculum
Grade 1 > Unit 3 > Life Lessons